"Lets Get This Party Started!"
Bruce Richards
Food Critic
-The Real OC

"Lets get this party started!" These were my first thoughts as I entered the hip-hop and Korn memorabilia laced, sushi palace, Huntington Beach's Tuna Town Sushi Bar and Teppan Yaki Grill, on Main St. Nodding my head to Snoop Dog, I was pleasantly surprised because this was my idea of good dinner. With the help from plenty of my friends, we started with the flaming Juju Yaki. Let's just say it's the "flaming Moe" of Sushi. Excellent! It actually comes to you on fire completely engulfed in flames. This was a roll like no other.

On this night some friends came along to help with my process. I highly recommend reserving a teppan grill and bringing a small party when dining at Tuna Town. The chef was off the chain with his tricks on the grill, the onion volcano was everyone's favorite. I myself had the filet mignon that you could cut with spoon, some of the best meat I have had on this planet so far. Our party was nine people so we were able to nearly taste the whole menu; everything from Crunchy rolls to Philly rolls, Spicy Tuna and seared Ahi. All the food was very well prepared and was absolutely excellent.

The manager on duty, Greg Carpenter made sure our whole night went smoothly. Thanks Greg! Our waiter and the rest of the staff was awesome, no worries all night.
  This is definitely not going to be one of those rock star restaurant meltdowns, rather a success story. Tuna Town is the place to see and be seen in Huntington Beach. I give the dinner and atmosphere an A+. Looks like Tuna Town is "Here to stay"!

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"Tuna Town Rocks with teppan"
Mary Furr
The Independent

If exhibition cooking is your thing, there's no better place to go than to the teppan tables at Tuna Town on Main Street in Huntington Beach where head chef Shane Hollinger will introduce you to teppan-yaki, the Japanese method of preparing seafood and meats on a U-shaped grill. while diners share seating and watch their entrees being prepared.

Tuna Town, a new restaurant in the second block of Main Street, is owned by David Silvera, the drummer from Korn, and his wife Shannon. It was designed by Architect Bob Thornton. It has been the focus of much curiosity since the location was gutted and Tuna Town was born. Its minimalist, futuristic styling begins when you step inside the deep storefront filled with shining silver metal chairs, black marble-topped and accents of maroon tapestry in the seven large booths along one wall and four banquettes along another. A long curving sushi bar is to the right and at the back three teppan tables. On the walls are gold and platinum Korn CD's and other musical memorabilia.

Tuna Town is riding the wave of teppan preparation, which is very popular now. We selected a Philadelphia Roll ($3.50 each) from the sushi bar while waiting at the teppan for Hollinger to begin his preparation. The roll served with a dab of potent wasabi and pile of ginger is cone-shaped, wrapped in firm black seaweed and filled with a texture-mix of creamy soft cheese and avocado with crisp cucumber and topped with raw pink salmon. It was fresh and very good - a good choice for a beginner at the sushi eating game.

Miso soup and a very good salad with red leaf frizee, radicchio, cherry tomatoes and greens with an excellent zesty thick tomato-based dressing were served. After waiting nearly 40 minutes, the teppan chef arrived wheeling in a cart with our orders of fried rice ($4 each), chicken breast ($15.95) and shrimp ($21.95). Teppan is more for entertainment than for a quick lunch or dinner.

Scrolling a squirt of oil across the hot teppan plate the chef ignited a wall of fire and the show began. Tossing an egg in the air, he sliced it open with his spatula, scrambled it on the grill and added rice and tiny bits of vegetables to create flavorful fried rice served in small cups.

With slices of onion the chef built a tower, added oil and exploded a fiery volcano - a trick he learned as teppan chef at Newport's Benihana. With whirling knife and spatula he chopped chicken into cubes, shelled shrimp, sliced mushrooms and zucchini, squeezed a lemon, added a sprinkle of garlic and a handful of bean sprouts to fill our heavy ceramic plates.

Teppan preparation is good healthful eating according to manager Molly Gumienny. Especially interesting, she said, is the preparation of hot Tuna Juju Taki ($12), an appetizer roll dipped in tempura batter and served sizzling to the diner.

Tuna Town is a trendy restaurant new to Downtown Huntington Beach and should be a flaming success.

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